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Performing for the M.Abramović Institute at the first Art Biennale of Bangkok, Thailand, 18/10/2018 - 11/11/2018.

Despina Zacharopoulou’s Protreptic (in Greek: προτρεπτικός [protreptikos], meaning: that which urges someone towards change) is a 3-week long durational performance which aims to re-visit, re-think and re-activate philosophy as a way of life, within the sociopolitical landscape of Bangkok, right here and right now.


The artist invites the audience to enter into an encounter with her, after a series of protocols is established and consent is explicitly given. Questions revolving around (the thickness of) boundaries, governmentality, preciousness, use and expenditure are investigated, especially in regards to Thailand’s contemporary Capital.


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Photo copyright: Bangkok Art Biennale


Being the Academic Leader of the RCA Contemporary Art Summer School 2018!


RCA Contemporary Art Summer School 2018
a studio-based introduction to the study and practice of contemporary art

23 July - 12 August 2018 // Royal College of Art School of Arts & Humanities

Keynote Lecture: Prof. Juan Cruz, Dean of the RCA School of Arts & Humanities

General Manager: Michael Turco, General Manager of the RCA School of Arts and Humanities

Project Manager: Dr Arantxa Echarte, Research and Knowledge Exchange Officer

Academic Leader: Despina Zacharopoulou, RCA Fine Art Researcher, Onassis Foundation Scholar

Peter Christian, Head of Executive Education, RCA Research Office

Hattie Allen, Executive Education Coordinator, RCA Research and Innovation Office

Tai Shani, Tutor in Contemporary Art Practice and Summer School Academic Leader for all the previous years

Academic Staff: Prof. J.Golding, Prof. O.Richon, Prof. J.Stockham, Senior Tutor Dr C.Faust, Associate Professor O.Ashery (VL), D.Burrows (VL), A.George (VL), M.Hadjilouca (RCA Researcher)



RCA Contemporary Art Summer School Exhibition 

Johnson's Gallery & Sackler Building (Painting) Royal College of Art, London, UK, 2018.

Participating Artists/Students of the Summer School:
Jen Bowmast / Allyson Glenn / Yuanhao Gu / Jessie Hughes / Jiabao Li / Asa Karen Jonsdottir
Kewei Ai / Pavan Kumar Machavarapu / Chi Yan Vivian Lam / Laila Majid / Caroline Mollanger
Gillian Moore / Elisabetta Morlino / Rikke Otte / Jen Pak / Fernanda Rodriguez Carbajales
Isabelle Roskam / Michelle Sitton Frid / Anastasios Veloudis / Kaihui Zhang

Royal College of Art 2018

Photo credit: RCA Short Courses   //   #rca #rcashortcources 


For more info & future applications please visit:

Photo credit: RCA Short Courses

#rca #rcashortcources

My Research on the theme of Parrhesia, published in the 4th issue of the PROVA RCA Research magazine. 


*The Chief Editor of PROVA is: Dr Chantal Faust, Senior Tutor at the Royal College of Art. 

Participating in Flight Mode RCA Research Show, across 3 different London venues, UK, 2018.

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