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"Cleaning the house" NEON + MAI Marina Abramović Institute 


Video taken from the NEON vimeo channel‪   #‎AsOne‬ ‪ #‎CleaningTheHouse‬


The six Greek artists presenting long-durational performances as part of “As One” (who will be performing non-stop for eight hours each day, six days a week, over the course of seven weeks) went to live in a small village surrounded by snow in the Corinthian mountains for almost ten days. They were there to take part in “Cleaning the House” — a method designed by Marina Abramović thirty years ago to prepare artists for performance. In this video, you can see the six Greek artists undergoing all the stages of this process, that aims to leave them in perfect spiritual and physical condition. Marina Abramović explains: “It has to be too hot or too cold, you are not talking and you are not eating for the first three days. And then you are doing really difficult exercises. Writing just your name for hours, holding the mirror in front of you. Trying like a blind man to find your way ‘home’. If you are an artist, you have to be able to see and feel with all your body.” And the artist notes: “To do performance, you must be in the present time, in the here and now. Only then can you give your complete attention to the public. Otherwise the energy is not flowing, the miracle is not happening.”


Video by Tokomburu



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