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Performing in the new project of the artist collective SPIT! at the Frieze Art Fair, London, UK, 5-8/10/2017

"Historical and contemporary sexual and gender politics are the concern of newly formed artist collective SPIT! (Carlos Motta, John Arthur Peetz and Carlos Maria Romero). In a crossover of queer activism, art and choreographic movement, the Project will culminate in a performance."


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Leading a performance workshop at the Reach OUT RCA summer school in July 2017! 

Teaching at the Reach OUT RCA summer school in July 2017! 

For more info & future applications please visit:

Artist's work in the photo: Silke Weissbach's studio during the Reach OUT RCA summer school 2017

Performing in the A L C H E M I E event at the Anatomie studio in Peckham, London, UK, 14/07/2017

Participating in DIY+ 2017 - Sheree Rose with Rhiannon Aarons and Amy Kingsmill: Methodologies in Body Art

Participating with a new performance piece and a performative text, in Daybreak RCA Research Show,

London, UK, 30-31/06/2017


29 June 2017 to 2 July 2017

Aslyum / AMP / Safehouses

Daybreak is an exciting project initiated by the RCA’s School of Fine Art to provide a forum for the practice-based researchers engaged in the School’s MPhil and PhD programme.  This is the first time the School’s student researchers have come together to work on an off-site project, working closely with each other, staff from the School with curatorial expertise and outside professionals.  The result; an exhibition, live event and research symposium, will happen over four days at the end of June and include contributions by over 40 research students.  


The events will take place at three different sites in Peckham. On preview night, Thursday 29 June, the audience is invited to attend live performances and screenings at Asylum, a chapel on Asylum Road before promenading through Peckham to AMP, a gallery space, to see artworks and performances and then continuing on to the larger exhibition at Safehouses, near the well-known Bussey Building.  The different venues and spaces will draw out the range of individual student’s projects and the walk between them takes around 15 mins. 


On Friday 30 June  from 4.30–7.30pm the students will host The Theatre of Reading and Speaking, a discursive event designed to be bring their research to a wider audience.  Another reading event, The Blue Hour, led by students Isobel Wohl and Marita Fraser will happen at Safehouses on Saturday between 4-6pm. They write, 'The Blue Hour is a series of readings and other encounters with fictions and text-based artworks, migrating from room to room in two heavily dilapidated Victorian houses that also serve as exhibition space. The event draws its name from a time during dawn and twilight each day when the sky takes on an intense blue colour that might be either night or day yet seems distinct from both, otherworldly. During this time there are no shadows. The Blue Hour similarly proposes uncertain, transient, and poetic relationships to writing.'


The project will make public the vast range of ideas, approaches and practices that represent current contemporary fine art research.  This year the research programme has been exploring what the notions of commitment and resistance mean for the contemporary artist. It has also been thinking about how fine art methods might provide useful models for research.  One group of students have been exploring the idea of magic as a method of investigation and they suggest,


‘To invoke magic, as a contemporary artist, is, in part, a means to subdue the rational impulse in favour of the irrational. In a post-industrial information age, that which opposes or seeks to short-circuit an over-determined, mechanistic message seems desirable. Yet, seeking out unknowing is not, in itself, a denial of Enlightenment thinking. In its appeal to possibility, process and ritual, magic becomes a strategy to rethink anew one’s connectedness to material, technology, language and change.’

Programme of Events

Thursday 29 June, 5–7pm: LIVE at Asylum

Caroline Garden’s Chapel, Asylum Road, London SE15 2SQ


Friday 30 June–Sunday 2 July: REHEARSAL at AMP

1 Acorn Parade, Meeting House Lane, London SE15 2TZ

Open 11am – 6pm

Preview 29 June 6.30–8.30pm


Friday 30 June – Sunday 2 July: SHOW at Safehouses 

Safehouses 139–137 Copeland Road, London SE15 3SN

Open 11am – 6pm 

Preview 29 June 7.30–9.30 pm


Friday 30 June, 4.30–7.30pm: Theatre of Reading and Speaking

Asylum, Caroline Garden’s Chapel, Asylum Road, London SE15 2SQ


Saturday 1 July, 4–6pm: The Blue Hour

Safehouses 139–137 Copeland Road, London SE15 3SN



Anna Ådahl | Steven Aishman | Cradeaux Alexander | Manca Bajec | Desmond Brett | Sharon Boothroyd  | Anja Borowicz | Flora Bowden | Nicola Chamberlain | Annabelle Craven-Jones | Jeroen van Dooren | Marita Fraser  | Maria Gafarova | Vivienne Griffin  | Yifei He | Åsa Johannesson | Sarah Eliza Kelly | Vicky Kim | Melanie King  | Robin Kirsten | Giorgos Kontis | Nayan Kulkarni | Soon-hak Kwon | Julian Lass | Lola Lasurt | Clair Le Couteur  | Christina Mamakos | Carol Mancke | Brigid McLeer | Nicholas Middleton | Liz Murray | Ruidi Mu | Tom Palin | Grant Petrey | Fred Robeson | Freya Pocklington | Mark Selby | Charan Singh | Armelle Skatulski | Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrom | Rowan Whybrew | Isobel Wohl | Despina Zacharopoulou


Performing in Tender Loin #9, Steakhouse Live, at the Toynbee Studios, London, UK, 24/05/2017

On wednesday the 24th of May // Tender LOIN #9 // Toynbee Studios

Join us for our regular sell-out Live Art performance event.

Featuring live work from Robert Hardaker, Despina Zacharopoulou, Echo Morgan, Arielle Francis and Katy Jalili 

Tender Loin is an opportunity to experience artists testing new live works in a laid-back and friendly atmosphere. 

£8/£6 concessions.

FB event:


For more info please visit:

Performing in "Five Minutes of Your Time", performance event organised by RCA Performance department, London, UK, 29/03/2017

The Royal College of Art performance students present a 5 min piece each and the whole event will last from 19:00 to 21:00.


Five Minutes of Your Time

Testbed 1, Doodle Bar, 60 Druid St, London SE1 2EZ.

Wednesday 29th March 2017 

7pm – 9pm

"The library is open" 108hrs (5 days) long durational performance in the context of Inhabiting CSM, 

curated by Simon Banos, Monday 6 March 2017 10:00 AM - Friday 10 March 2017 10:00 PM

Inhabiting CSM

"The library is open" 108hrs (5 days) long durational performance by Despina Zacharopoulou
Event in the context of Inhabiting CSM curated by Simon Banos
Monday 6 March 2017 10:00 AM - Friday 10 March 2017 10:00 PM

CSM Library
Central Saint Martins
Granary Building
1 Granary Square
Kings Cross

Access for non CSM members requires booking in advance. Please contact:
* All visitors to the College have to leave by 10:00 PM

The performance artist Despina Zacharopoulou accepted Simon Banos' invitation to inhabit the unfamiliar to her library of Central Saint Martins, through the long durational performance "The library is open".

Research as practice // practice as research: presentation of my work at the RCA Performance Department, 02/17

Research as practice // practice as research // presentation of my work at the Performance Department of the  Royal College of Art // february 2017

 photo by RCA Prof. N.Rolfe

On Resistance  // performative text in the context of the Resistance Symposium at the RCA // February 2017

On Resistance // symposium organized by RCA Profs A.Satz and Y.Lomax // RCA Fine Art Research Course // performing the text // February 2017


photo by Pauline van Mourik Broekman 

Participating in the Conference: "The Space between: Psyche, Body, Skin, Environment", RCA, London, UK, 03/02/2017

Participating in "Drawn to Rope" at the Anatomie Studio, London, UK, 01/02/2017

Drawn to Rope with special guest Despina Zacharopoulou!



Drawn to Rope is a monthly life-drawing evening at Anatomie Studio and this month we are absolutely thrilled to bring you an incredibly unique artist Despina Zacharopoulou.

Despina is a performance artist focusing on creating experimental situations that negotiate our relation to alterity. Her recent practice and research explore, among others, notions such as: the monstrous, the abject and control exchange.

Her most recent large scale project was a seven week (324hrs) long durational performance entitled “Corner Time” commissioned by the Marina Abramovic Institute and the NEON Organisation (10/03/2016 – 24/04/2016, AS ONE, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece).

Take a look at her website here for a taste of what to expect.

Despina will be self-tying for this session, she will present a variety of intense dramatic poses, using rope and other objects/materials of her choosing. As usual, our fantastic collaborating artist InkyLayla will be guiding this session!

Advance booking for this event is highly recommended.

Ticket link here.


Photo below showing Despina Zacharopoulou at Drawn to Rope // Photo by Anna Bones


Leading a performance workshop for the RCA Theater Group in January 2017!

For more info please visit:

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